GOP Lemmings & the Debt Ceiling

GOP hold America “hostage” at your own risk!

Defunding “Obamacare’s” is not a jobs plan!


7 thoughts on “GOP Lemmings & the Debt Ceiling

  1. Ghoh

    The Tea Party is the GOP’s (I would pronounce it gop, but it is wrong to intentionally mispronounce anyone’s name) Frankenstein Monster. Worse than that, it smears the original doctor’s name.

    1. yahoothom Post author

      What is sad is that the Tea Party was filled with well-intentioned but woefully misinformed people, that really wanted to cut “waste” in government. What they got instead was a perverted quest to destroy democracy and the United States Government coupled with libertarian anarchy..

      1. Ghoh

        I agree that some Tea Party people were “well-intentioned but woefully misinformed people, that really wanted to cut “waste” in government,” but I think the main power source of the movement comes from the social conservatives. I also feel that “Cutting Waste” is just another part of the larger “Hate Government” wedge issue.

        The membership roots go way back to socially conservative Republicans and Conservatives who made it possible for Republicans to win national elections and then felt they got nothing in return. They did get Supreme Court nominations but not much else. Certainly not the red meat they crave now to the point of suicide.

        Some of them, especially the social conservatives, many also economic conservatives, were the same nasty people that they still are. They are done with being used by traditional old-boy Republicans. They need to get back at us, but I believe primarily at the traditional Republicans who stoked their anger and hatred with wedge issues and accomplished little. Now the Tea Party is forcing their hand.

        I believe that the money base, the Kochs and misguided corporate interests, thought they could create this movement and use it for their own ends, but they couldn’t harness it.

        A Frankenstein Monster bent on taking us all down with it!


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